Genealogies of admixture studies

Graduate Program in the History of the Sciences and Health
(Coorg. L. Berlivet, C.O Doron, C. Vimieiro, R. Wegner)

February 22-23, 2018

Rio de Janeiro, Fiocruz - Av. Brasil, 4036 - Sala 401, Manguinhos



February 22, 2018

Manhã (9.30-12) The political stakes of miscegenation in Brazil

9.30-10.00: Abertura do workshop 

10.00-11.00: Robert Wegner (COC/Fiocruz): "Eugenics, Genetics, and Anthropology in Brazil: The Masters and the Slaves, racial miscegenation and its discontents"

11.00-12.00: Marcos Chor-Maio (COC/Fiocruz): "Gilberto Freyre and the UNESCO Research Project on Race Relations in Brazil" discussão geral

Tarde (14-17.30). Admixture as an object of scientific investigations

14.00-15.00: Juliana Manzoni (COC/Fiocruz): "Nation and the physiology of blood: sickle cell disease and blood groups research in Brazil"

15.00-16.00: Luc Berlivet (CNRS/CERMES-3): “Dichotomous Interplay(s). Heredity/Environment & Isolation/Intermixing in the ‘Moyenne Durée’ of Human Heredity Research" 

16.00-17.00: Catherine Bourgain (INSERM/CERMES-3): "Admixture studies: a geneticist's perspective

17.00-17.30: discussão geral


February 23, 2018

Manhã (9.30-13.00). Admixture studies: varieties of fields and materials 

9.30-10.30: Claude-Olivier Doron (Université Paris Diderot/SPHERE-Centre Canguilhem) : « A French perspective on admixture : French seroanthropology between local studies and (post-) imperial investigations”

10.30-11.30: Carol Vimieiro (UFMG): “Genes and surnames: Northeastern populations as object for admixture studies.”

11.30-12.30: Ricardo Ventura Santos (ENSP/Fiocruz; Museu Nacional/UFRJ) : "Polynesia in Brazilian hinterland? Sociohistorical dimensions of an investigation of skulls, genomics, identity and nationhood"

12.30-13 : discussão geral