Type de Publication Article
    Titre Disorders specifically associated with stress: A case-controlled field study for ICD-11 mental and behavioural disorders
    Auteurs Keeley J.W. | Reed G.M. | Roberts M.C. | Evans S.C. | Robles R. | Matsumoto C. | Brewin C.R. | Cloitre M. | Perkonigg A. | Rousseau C. | Gureje O. | Lovell A.M. | Sharan P. | Maercker A.
    Revue International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology
    Résumé As part of the development of the Eleventh Revision of International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11), the World Health Organization Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is conducting a series of case-controlled field studies using a new and powerful method to test the application by clinicians of the proposed ICD-11 diagnostic guidelines for mental and behavioural disorders. This article describes the case-controlled field study for Disorders Specifically Associated with Stress. Using a vignette-based experimental methodology, 1,738 international mental health professionals diagnosed standardized cases designed to test key differences between the proposed diagnostic guidelines for ICD-11 and corresponding guidelines for ICD-10. Across eight comparisons, several proposed changes for ICD-11, including the addition of Complex PTSD and Prolonged Grief Disorder, produced significantly improved diagnostic decisions and clearer application of diagnostic guidelines compared to ICD-10. However, several key areas were also identified, such as the description of the diagnostic requirement of re-experiencing in PTSD, in which the guidelines were not consistently applied as intended. These results informed specific revisions to improve the clarity of the proposed ICD-11 diagnostic guidelines. The next step will be to further test these guidelines in clinic-based studies using real patients in relevant settings.
    Pages 109-127
    Volume 16
    Numéro 2
    Mots clés ICD-11 | PTSD | Vignette | Field study | Experiment | CIE-11 | TEPT | viñeta | estudios de campo | experimento
    Année 2016
    Url http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S
    Electronic resource num http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijchp.2015.09.002
    ISBN 1697-2600