Type de Publication Article
    Titre La santé mentale comme philosophie politique. La psychologie du soi et le progrès social
    Auteurs Le Moigne P.
    Revue L'Évolution Psychiatrique
    Résumé Psychology and psychiatry have significantly extended their scope of action by addressing the topic of mental health and by focusing, beyond the study of disabilities, on well-being through personal development. This approach was already widely popular in the 1960's, especially in the field of anti-psychiatry. As a result, mental health, as a therapeutic perspective, went on to become a major concern for moral and political philosophy. This paper aims to trace back the origins of this shift and delineate its foundations. To this end, the pioneering work of William James serves as a basis for showing how the notion of mental health relates to the tenets of the psychology of the self. Then, this paper uses this analysis to demonstrate how this approach combined epistemological and methodological principles to support a new clinical project that was supposed to contribute to social change.
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    Mots clés Santé mentale | James W | Psychologie | Psychopathologie | Épistémologie | Méthodologie | Société | Psychothérapie | Clinique | Mental health | James W. | Psychology | Psychopathology | Epistemology | Methodology | Society | Psychotherapy | Clinical practice
    Année 2014
    Url http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S
    Electronic resource num http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.evopsy.2013.05.001
    ISBN 0014-3855