Type de Publication Article
    Titre The public health dogma of evidence-based mental disorders prevention and mental health promotion: French professionals’ beliefs in regard to parenting programs
    Auteurs Delawarde C. | Saïas T. | Briffault X.
    Revue Health Sociology Review
    Résumé AbstractIn the last few years, various international public health organizations such as the World Health Organization or the European Commission have recommended the worldwide dissemination of evidence-based mental health prevention programs. This public health ideal, relying on new scientific disciplines, is at the origin of multiple controversies in a number of countries. This article contributes to bring a reflection on the ways political experts, researchers and practitioners have integrated these new preventive strategies. More precisely, the objective is to present and to discuss the results of a qualitative study on French professionals? representations and theoretical perspectives with regards to evidencebased parenting programs. Results are based on ethnographical inquiries in French public health institutions and on 12 semi-structured interviews with professionals. The results demonstrate three ways to conceive parenting support, themselves attached to distinct anthropological, socio-political and interventional models.
    Pages 166-177
    Volume 23
    Numéro 3
    Année 2014
    Editeur Routledge
    Url http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14461242.2014.11081971
    Electronic resource num 10.1080/14461242.2014.11081971
    ISBN 1446-1242