Type de Publication Article
    Titre Iron reinforcements in Beauvais and Metz Cathedrals: from bloomery or finery? The use of logistic regression for differentiating smelting processes
    Auteurs Disser A. | Dillmann P. | Bourgain C. | L'Héritier M. | Vega E. | Bauvais S. | Leroy M.
    Revue Journal of Archaeological Science
    Résumé A specific statistical approach was tested to determine the ironmaking processes (bloomery or indirect) used to manufacture iron reinforcements found in two French gothic medieval monuments: Metz and Beauvais Cathedrals. Slag inclusions embedded in the metallic matrix were analysed and the major element compositions were quantified, using a Si Drift EDS detector permitting the study of several hundred inclusions per artefact. First, pre-processing was applied to the raw data to discriminate inclusions from the smelting stage (or refining stage for the indirect process) from those formed during post-reduction operations (forging etc…). PCA and hierarchical clustering on the major element compositions were then performed. Secondly, a specific multivariate statistical method, logistic regression, was applied to a learning set of data from a reference set of samples. This allowed the development of a model capable of distinguishing artefacts from the two smelting processes and to link unknown samples to one or the other. This model was then used to study artefacts from the Mutte Tower of Metz Cathedral and Beauvais Cathedral. This allowed us to confirm the extensive use of iron reinforcements since the construction of Beauvais cathedral. In the Mutte Tower of Metz Cathedral clamps from Lorraine reinforced some parts of the monument from its construction between the 13th and the 15th centuries.
    Pages 315-333
    Volume 42
    Mots clés Iron reinforcements | Bloomery and indirect processes | Multivariate statistical analyses | Logistic regression | Gothic medieval monuments
    Année 2014
    Url http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S
    Electronic resource num http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2013.10.034
    ISBN 0305-4403