Type de Publication Article
    Titre From Propaganda to scientific marketing: Schering, cortisone, and the construction of drug markets
    Auteurs Gaudillière J-P.
    Revue History and Technology
    Résumé This paper examines the postwar rise of drug scientific marketing, i.e., the systematic mobilization of the biomedical sciences for promotion purposes as well as the rise of marketing into a form of science, taking the case of the German firm Schering. To analyze the specific articulation between in-house research, marketing practices and drug prescription the article follows the case of Schering?s corticoids: cortisone in the 1950s, its derivatives in the 1960s. The contrasted promotional campaigns Schering organized for both of these products reveals the combined reorganization of promotional and in-house research activities, which took place at Schering after 1945, providing for new and more intimate relationship between science and the construction of markets. It also shows that this was a gradual process of change rather than a radical departure.
    Pages 188-209
    Volume 29
    Numéro 2
    Année 2013
    Editeur Routledge
    Url http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07341512.2013.828510
    Electronic resource num 10.1080/07341512.2013.828510
    ISBN 0734-1512