Type de Publication Article
    Titre The future of pharmaceutical care in France : a survey of final-year pharmacy students' opinions
    Auteurs Perraudin C. | Brion F. | Bourdon O. | Pelletier-Fleury N.
    Revue BMC Clinical Pharmacology
    Résumé Background : In the last decades, the provision of pharmaceutical care by community pharmacists has developed in OECD countries. These developments involved significant changes in professional practices and organization of primary care. In France, they have recently been encouraged by a new legal framework and favored by an increasing demand for health care (increase in the number of patients with chronic diseases) and reductions in services being offered (reduction in the number of general practitioners and huge regional disparities). Conclusions : Despite remaining barriers to cross, this study showed that future French pharmacists were keen to develop their role in patient care, beyond the traditional role of dispensing. However, the willingness of doctors and patients to consent should be investigated and also rigorous studies to support or refute the positive impact of pharmaceutical care on the quality of care should be carried out.
    Pages 6
    Volume 25
    Numéro 11
    Année 2011
    Electronic resource num 10.1186/1472-6904-11-6