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    Titre France
    Auteurs Parot F.
    Auteurs Ouvrage Baker D. B.
    Titre ouvrage The Oxford Handbook of the History Psychology
    Résumé This chapter describes the process by which, since World War II, psychology has been created as a discipline in France. The Republican system, within which the project of developing a scientific understanding of the individual was first laid down, was limited by the political desire to preserve liberty of conscience, the founding-stone of the Republic. Psychology, seen as a crisis of thought, was torn between the various requirements that faced each other down during episodes such as the fashion for Spencerism or the debate over hysteria. The overwhelming influence within the academic institutions of the physiologist Henri Piéron eventually gave rise to the discipline of psychology, once the practice of psychotherapy was accepted, which in turn was partly a consequence of the influence of psychoanalysis.
    Pages 228-254
    Mots clés Discipline | Republic | Consciousness | Positivism | Spiritualism | Hysteria | Reductionism | Interiority | Psychology
    Année 2011
    Lieu de publication New York
    Editeur Oxford University Press
    Electronic resource num 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780195366556.013.0012
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