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International symposium Contemporary Psychopathologies and Civilisation - 30 juin 2012

Depression, Hikikomori, PTSD, Developmental Disorders Jun 30th 2012 Institute for research in Humanities, Kyoto University International Research Center for Multiple Collaborations in Humanities

Seminar : TRans-disciplinary studies of Organizing Traumatic Experiences and Memories (Director : Masakazu Tanaka).

Organisation : Nicolas Tajan, Psychologist, PhD Candidate in Psychology, (LCPI, CERMES3, EESJC) Japan Foundation fellow, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University.

"One's psychopathological "symptom" reveals his/her "subjectivity" in the most singular way, but also reflects the society and culture to which s/he belongs : every psychopathology is a product or even function of the time and place where it is observed. This international symposium entitled "Contemporary Psychopathologies and Civilisation" features eminent scholars from Japan, Canada and France, and focuses on four pathologies from the cutting edge of psychiatry and psychotherapy. With interdisciplinary approaches of anthropology, sociology, history and clinical studies, the symposium discusses the origin of the contemporary characters of these pathologies and what kind of social and cultural phenomena they are contemporary with.


- 9h15-10h45 : Junko KItanaka (Keio University)
Rethingking the Disorder of Affect : Anthropological Reflexions on Japanese Debates about Depression

- 11h-12h30 : Sachiko Horiguchi (Temple University Japan Campus) , Tadaaki Furuhashi (Nagoya University), Nicola Tajan (Kyoto University)
France-Japan Perspectives on Hikikomori


- 13h50-15h45 : Allan Young (McGill University, Canada)
Changing Views of the "Stress response" : Implications for Understanding the Psychobiology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

- 16h-17h45 : Marie-Jean Sauret (Toulouse 2 University, France)
Autisme, symptôme d'une société sans symptôme