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Wang Simeng

Sociologist, Research Fellow, CNRS

Contact: simeng.wang(at)cnrs.fr



A Permanent Research Fellow at The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and faculty member at the CERMES3 (Research Centre, Medicine, Science, Health, Mental Health and Society), I hold a PhD in Sociology from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris (2014).

Since 2009, I have been working on Chinese immigration in France, at first about mental suffering and living conditions of Chinese migrants and their children, then through various analytic angles: family and intergenerational relationships, political participation, transnationalism. My research interests are in the sociology of international migration, sociology of health and mental health, sociology of the Chinese world (China and its diasporas). Cf. published books and scientific articles : https://cnrs.academia.edu/SimengWang

My current work is built around two poles, the first at the intersection of Asian migration and health in a globalised world; the second on the experiences of racism and discrimination among Asian origin elites in France. Since January 2020, I have been conducting a new empirical survey on Chinese and Asian migration in France facing Covid-19, in the frame of the MigraChiCovid Project.

Currently I coordinate the research network on East and South-East Asian Migrations in France (http://www.migrations-asiatiques-en-france.cnrs.fr/) and colead the research project granted by the City of Paris (2018-2020) “Chinese of France: identifications and identities in transition”.

I host at the French School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, also known as EHESS) two seminars “Contemporary China and social sciences” and “Migrations and health”. I am also an elected member of the executive committee of the French Sociology Association since 2017.

 Responsability of funded Research Programs

  • Research Project MigraChiCovid (“Chinese migration in France facing Covid-19: the emergence of new forms of solidarity in times of crisis”) co-funded by the French Research Agency (ANR, 2020.4 - 2021. 10) and the Yunnan University (2020.3 - 2020.9).
  • Research Project « Social Mobilities and International Migrations », granted by IC Migrations, 2019-2020.
  • "Emergence(s)" Research Project “Chinese of France: identifications and identities in transition”, granted by the Paris City Hall, 2018-2020.
  • Translation Project (French to Chinese) of the book Mental health and mental suffering. An object for the social sciences. CNRS Editions, co-granted by TEPSIS, IRIS and CERMES3, 2017-2019.
  • Project “Social sciences and mental health: a Sino French research network building”, granted by MSHPN, 2016-2017.

Participations in Funded Research Programs

  • Program GLOBHEALTH: “From international to Global: Knowledge, Diseases, and the Post-war Government of Health”, granted by European Research Council, held by Centre de recherche médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société (CERMES3), Paris, 2015-2019.
  • Program ANR JCJC SINAFRHOSP: Chinese hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa: a new form of health intervention?, granted by French National Research Agency, held by Centre Population et Développement (CEPED), Paris, 2018-2020.
  • Collective book project "Migration, a chance for our health system? Re-humanizing health care.", IC Migrations Funding, Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Social Issues (IRIS), Paris, 2019-2020 

Main publications


Wang Simeng. 2017. Illusions et souffrances. Les migrants chinois à Paris. [Illusions and suffering. Chinese migrants in Paris] Paris, Étions rue d’Ulm (collection « Sciences sociales »), 220p.

Reports/Reviews :

Diasporas n° 31 - 22 mai 2018
Perspectives chinoises 1-2 - 2018
L'Autre volume 19 - 2018/1
Idées n° 4 [Extrait] - juin 2018
Lectures [En ligne] - mars 2018
Devenir - vol. 30/2018
Le Monde diplomatique - janvier 2018
La vie des idées - 31 janvier 2018
Hommes & migrations - 2018
Sciences sociales et santé vol. 36 - 2018
La petite banane - mars 2018
Koï - septembre/octobre 2018
Métro politiques.eu - décembre 2018 - décembre 2018
Enfances & Psy n° 78 - 2018/2
L'Homme n° 227-228 - 2018
REMI - 2018
OpenEdition Journals - 21 janvier 2019
Émulations. Revue de sciences sociales [En ligne] - 29 août 2019

Direction of books

Wang Simeng (with Y. Liu), 2020. Chinese immigrants in Europe: image, identity and social participation, Berlin, Walter de Gruyter GmbH.

Wang Simeng (with I. Coutant). 2018. Mental Health and mental suffering: a research subject for social sciences. CNRS Editions, Paris.

Direction of Special Issues

  • Wang Simeng (with A. Fresnoza-Flot, eds.) (forthcoming). “Asia-Europe intimate links: family migration, binational couples and mixed-parentage children”, Asian and Pacific Migration Journal

  • Wang Simeng (with P. Bataille, eds.) (forthcoming). "Internationalization of the social sciences", Socio-logos (Journal of the French Sociological Association)
  • Wang Simeng (with M. Guilloots, S. Rouget, eds.) (forthcoming). « Langues et Migrations » [“Languages and Migration”], Enfances & Psy

  • Wang Simeng (avec V. Petit, eds.) 2018. « Santé mentale en migrations internationales » [“Mental health and International Migrations”] Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales. Vol 34, n°2-3.
  • Wang Simeng (with E. Frenkiel, eds). 2017. « Participer dans le monde chinois : une jeunesse connectée » Revue Participations. n°17 [‘Participating in the Chinese world: a connected youth’ in Journal Participations. n° 17].
  • Wang Simeng (with H. Le Bail, eds). 2016. « Migrations chinoises et générations », Revue Hommes & Migrations. N° 1314 ['Chinese Migrations and Generations' in Journal Hommes & Migrations. N° 1314].

Book chapters

Wang Simeng. 2020. “Highly skilled Chinese immigrants in France.
Career choices, marriage behavior and political participation” in Liu Y. et Wang S. (eds.), Chinese immigrants in Europe: image, identity and social participation, Berlin, Walter de Gruyter GmbH. p. 75-100.
Wang Simeng. 2019. “Circumventing regulatory rules and professional legitimizing. The circulation of Chinese Medicine between China and France” in L. Pordié et C. Coderey (eds.) Circulation and Governance of Asian Medicine. Routledge. p. 139-156. 
Wang Simeng. 2019. « The mobility of French people of Chinese origin in China: a qualitative survey (2010-2016) » in G. Fabbiano et al. (dir.) Migration from the North to the South, [« Les mobilités de Français d’origine chinoise en Chine : une enquête qualitative (2010-2016) » in G. Fabbiano et al. (dir.) Les migrations des Nords vers les Suds.] Paris, Karthala. p. 95-119. Link

Wang Simeng. 2018. « Étudier les souffrances des migrants : à partir du cas des Chinois en France » [Studying the suffering of migrants: from the case of the Chinese in France] in I. Coutant et S. Wang (dir.). Mental Health and mental suffering: a research subject for social sciences. CNRS Éditions, p. 325-344.

Peer-reviewed Articles

In English

Wang Simeng. 2020. "The new Chinese working class in the globalized world: a response to Ngai Pun", Dialectical Anthropology. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10624-020-09587-1

Wang Simeng (with G. Guiheux). 2018. "A case of Double Scientific Socialisation in the Social Sciences. The Experience of Chinese Researchers Trained in France", Chinese Perspectives. 4: 21-30. http://www.cefc.com.hk/issue/china-perspectives-2018-4/

Wang Simeng. 2017. "Transformation of family and matrimonial norms in an international migration context. The case of Chinese women and men spouses of French living in Paris region", Revue européenne des migrations internationales33 (2&3) : p. 273-300. 

In French

  • Wang Simeng. 2019. « Quand les ‘Chinois de France’ manifestent », [When the "Chinese of France" demonstrate], Plein droit, 121: p.37-41.

  • Wang Simeng. 2019. « Les nouvelles circulations de la médecine chinoise : après l’Afrique l’Europe », [The new circulations of Chinese medicine: after Africa, Europe], Movements. 98: p. 133-141.

  • Wang Simeng (avec V. Petit). 2018. Editorial « Santé mentale en migrations internationales », Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales. 34 (2-3), p. 7-20.
  • Wang Simeng (avec Gilles Guiheux). 2018. « Une double socialisation scientifique en sciences sociales. Le cas de chercheurs chinois formés en France », Perspectives chinoises, 2018/4. p. 21-30.
  • Wang Simeng. 2017. « La transformation des normes matrimoniales et familiales dans le contexte de migrations internationales. Le cas des Chinois ‘conjoints de Français’ résidant en région parisienne » Revue européenne des migrations internationales33 (2&3) : p. 273-300. 
  • Wang Simeng. 2017. « ‪Une mondialisation par le bas. Les daigous à Paris, des agents commerciaux intermédiaires entre producteurs français et consommateurs chinois‪ » [Globalization from Below. Daigous in Paris, Intermediary Sales Agents between French Producers and Chinese Consumers], Cultures & Conflits, 108(4), 2017, 107-128.
  • Wang Simeng. 2017. « La resocialisation politique de migrants internationaux et leurs prises de parole politiques : Le cas de jeunes Chinois qualifiés à Paris » [The Political Resocialization of International Migrants and their Political Talk: The Case of Young Qualified Chinese in Paris], Journal Participations. N°17:155-176.
  • Wang Simeng. 2017 (with E. Frenkiel). 2017. (Introduction du dossier) « Les jeunes Chinois dans différents espaces nationaux : expressions et engagements politiques » [(Introduction of special issue) Young Chinese in different national spaces: political expressions and commitments], Journal Participations. N°17: 5-33.
  • Wang Simeng. 2016. « Aidez-nous à comprendre vos Chinois ! » Conditions de possibilités de la légitimation du sociologue en milieu psychiatrique [“Help us to understand your Chinese !” Conditions for the possible legitimation of sociologists in a psychiatric setting], Genèses N°105 : 141-156.
  • Wang Simeng. 2016. « Entre stratégie et moralité. Des migrants chinois en situation irrégulière face à la ‘clause de maladie’» [Between Strategy and Morality. Chinese Irregular Migrants Faced with the “Illness Clause”], Politix. N°114 : 205-227.
  • Wang Simeng. 2016. « Souffrances psychiques et mobilité sociale ascendante : le cas des adolescents français d’origine chinoise à Paris » [Mental suffering and social mobility : the case of Chinese origin teenagers in Paris]. Hommes & Migrations. N°1314: 11-18.
  • Wang Simeng (with B. Schwartz). 2016. « Des personnes âgées d’origine chinoise à Belleville : parcours migratoires, dynamiques familiales et participation à la vie du quartier » [Elderly Chinese in Belleville district of Paris: migration patterns, family dynamics and participation in neighborhood life]. Hommes & Migrations. N°1314: 103-112.
  • Wang Simeng. 2016. « Le parcours atypique d’une psychiatre française née en Chine : Entretien avec Chengnan Zhan » [The atypical path of a French psychiatrist born in China. Interview with Chengnan Zhan]. Hommes & Migrations. N°1314 : 21-25.
  • Wang Simeng. 2015. « Le travail social dans la prise en charge du handicap en Chine continentale (1990- 2015) ». [Social work in disability management in Mainland China (1990-2015)]. Revue française de la protection sociale. N°8: 89-105.
  • Wang Simeng. 2015. « Des ‘soucis matrimoniaux’ dans le contexte transnational : Le cas des migrant-e-s chinois-es qualifié-e-s à Paris » [‘Marital problems' in transnational context : The case of qualified Chinese migrants, women and men, in Paris]. Migrations Société. Vol. 27. N°157: p. 149-166.
  • Wang Simeng. 2014. « Enfant abandonné en Chine puis domestique en France ? Que suis-je pour eux ?!» « Obligations familiales à rebours » des enfants migrants d'origine chinoise à Paris. [‘Abandoned child in China then servant in France? What am I to them? !’ Phenomenon of “reverse parenting obligations among Chinese families in Paris.] Enfances, Familles, Générations. N° 20: p. 21-44.
  • Wang Simeng. 2013. « Handicapé ? C’est insulter ma descendance et aussi mes ancêtres ! » Négociations autour de l'inscription de l’enfant d’origine chinoise à la MDPH. [‘Disabled? It is insulting my offspring and also my ancestors!’ Negotiations about the registration of children of Chinese origin to the Disabled people departmental house in Paris]. Terrains & travaux. N° 23: p.77-92.
  • Wang Simeng. 2013. Analyses sociologiques des pratiques de l’interprétariat-médiation en pédopsychiatrie : l’exemple des familles d’origine chinoise à Paris. [Sociological analyses of translation and mediation practices in child psychiatry: the example of Chinese families in Paris] Enfances & Psy. N° 56: p. 136-146.
  • Wang Simeng. 2012. « Une vie qui est ailleurs » : Une sociologie des troubles mentaux à travers le parcours d’un adolescent d’origine chinoise à Paris. [‘Life is elsewhere’: contribution to a sociology of mental health through the analysis of a second-generation Chinese teenager’s trajectory in Paris] Lien social et politiques. N° 67: p. 233-248.

In Chinese

  • Wang Simeng. 2014. “抑郁症患者互助行为研究”[Solidarity among patients diagnosed with ‘depression’: ethnographic study in a psychiatric hospital in Beijing], 思想战线 Thinking. N° 6: p. 62-65.

Organization of Scientific Events (selection)

  • 4th meeting of CERPE (China-Europe Research Platform on Chinese Migration to and beyond Europe) "Chinese migrations in Europe: between continuity and renewal" in Paris, 12 and 13 November 2020, with the support of the City of Paris, the CNRS and the Institut Convergences Migrations. https://4th-cerpe-paris.sciencesconf.org/
  • In total:
  • Ten panels organized at international symposia and national congresses: Congress of ISSCO (2017, 2019), IPSA's 24th World Congress of Political Science (2016), Congress of International Convention of Asia Scholars (2019), French Network for Asian Studies International Conference (2017), Congress of the AFSP (2019), Congress of the AFS (2017, 2019).
  • Fifteen symposia and workshops organized (four forthcoming): INALCO (2012), EHESS (2014, 2015, 2019), Poitiers University (2016), Paris Institute of Innovation and Research Society (2017), École Normale Supérieure (2017), University Paris 5 (2017), IEP Paris (2018), Institute Convergences Migrations (2019), The Paris Institute for Advanced Study (2019).

For other editorial, associative, teaching and supervision responsibilities, please refer to the French version of my Website.

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