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Past projects

Supporting a person with Alzheimer’s disease: between liberty and responsibility (Aupama Resp-Lib)

Contract : La Fondation de coopération scientifique Plan Alzheimer (2009-2013) | Cermes3

Coordinators: Catherine Le Galès, Martine Bungener

Analysis in context of disabilities associated with a severe and resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for the purpose of creating innovative compensatory measures for the psychological disability (Ahatoc)

Contract: Iresp CNSA (2014-2016) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Xavier Briffault, Cermes3

Illicit trafficking of medicines in Southeast Asia: Routes, Objects, Multiplicities

Contract: L’Obervatoir des Trafics Illicites (2013-2014) | Cermes3 ; IRASEC Bangkok

Coordinator : Laurent Pordié, Cermes3

On constraint and consent. Reorganising regulations in mental healthcare practices (Constrast)

Contract: ANR (2013-2016) | Cermes3

Coordinators: Livia Velpry, Cermes3; Benoît Eyraud, Lyon2/Centre Max Weber

Prenatal diagnosis and prevention of disabilities: The experience of women and couples

Contract: Région Ile-de-France – Picri (2014-2017) | Cermes3, Inter-association group on childbirth (Ciane)

Coordinator: Isabelle Ville, Cermes3

DPN-Hp: Issues of prenatal diagnosis in the prevention of disabilities: the use of technologies between scientific progress and public action

Contract: ANR (2009-2011) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Isabelle Ville, Cermes3

Study of HIV and hepatitis seroprevalence and understanding risk-taking practices among drug users – Innovative methods and difficult-to-reach populations. (Enquête Coquelicot)

Contract: ANRS (2012-2015) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Marie Jauffret-Roustide, Cermes3

Rapid sequencing genomics and personalised medicine: knowledge and regulation

Contract: Labex Sites – exploratory project (2014-2015) | Cermes3, University of Paris-Est Marne la Vallée, Inserm, Labex Sites

Coordinator: Catherine Bourgain, Cermes3

Gephama – From advertising to scientific marketing: industries, physicians and the making of pharmaceutical markets

Contract: ANR (2009-2011)

Coordinators: For the German component: Prof. Dr. Volker Hess (Charité-University of Medicine, Berlin); for the French component: Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes3)

The social and epistemological history of psychiatric epidemiology: a case study (Senegal) and international network (SEGPE)

Contract: ANR (2013-2016) | Cermes3, Columbia University

Coordinator: Anne Lovell, Cermes3

EHLEIS joint action (European Health and Life Expectancy Information System)

Contracts: European Commission, DREES, CNSA (2011-2014) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Jean-Marie Robine, Cermes3

The specialisation of healthcare practices involving consent and constraint in the management of Alzheimer’s disease (SpéciAlz)

Contract: Fondation Plan Alzheimer – Fondation Médéric Alzheimer (2014-2015) | Cermes3, Max Weber Centre

Coordinator: Benoît Eyrault, Max Weber Centre

Cermes3 person in charge: Aude Béliard

“Rare disabilities” in the transformation of the medico-social sector. Socio-historical analysis of the development and practical uses of the category between 1960 and 2013 (Harasohi)

Contract: Iresp (2014-2017) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Myriam Winance, Cermes3

Challenges of inclusive education in France: from expectations to concrete courses of action

Contract: Iresp (2014-2017) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Isabelle Ville, Cermes3

The meaning of restlessness among children. Diagnostic quests, family investment and professional opinion on restlessness and inattention (Sage)

Contract: Pfizer (2014-2016) | Cermes3, Cerlis, CeRIES, Cref

Coordinator: Aude Béliard, Cermes3

The ways out of addictions (Change)

Contract: MILDT Paris 13 – PREVDROG (2011-2013) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Laurence Simmat-Durand

Making India a Global Healthcare Destination: A Social Study of High-Tech Hospitals and Neo-oriental Spas

Contract: DFG (2009-2013) | Cermes3; Cluster of Excellence, University of Heidelberg

Coordinator: Laurent Pordié

New approaches to care in psychiatry: clinical and sociological considerations (So-Psy)

Contracts: Mission Interdisciplinaire du CNRS (2013-2106) | Cermes3, GDR 3557 and 3CRP (Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), Centre Norbert Elias UMR 8562 (Marseille)

Coordinator: Alain Erhenberg, Cermes3

Lay perception and management of drug risks (Pegeprim)

Contract: ANSM (2104-2016) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Sylvie Fainzang, Cermes3

Pharmasud: Local knowledge, development of markets and globalisation: two systems of pharmaceutical innovation in Southern countries

Contract: ANR (2009-2011)

Coordinator: Maurice Cassier (Cermes3)

PHS2M: Philosophy, History and Sociology of Mental Medicine

Contract: ANR (2008-2011)

Coordinator: Pierre-Henri Castel (Cermes3)

Preserving what has value: a permanent dilemma for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Availability and dynamics of support at home

Contract: Fondation Plan Alzheimer (2013-2015) | Cermes3

Coordinator: Catherine Le Galès, Cermes3

Prospere – multidisciplinary research partnership on the organisation of primary healthcare

Contract: 2009-2012

Coordinator: Nathalie Pelletier-Fleury (Cermes3)

Psychiatric Fringes: An Historical and Sociological Investigation of Early Psychosis and Related Phenomena in Post-War French and German Societies

Contract: ANR–DFG & Ville de Paris–Programme Emergence(s) (2012-2015) | Cermes3; Charité-University of Medicine, Berlin

Coordinator: Nicolas Henckes, Cermes3

Knowledge, expertise, regulation: how have endocrine disruptors become a matter for government? A comparison between France and the United States

Coordinators: Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes3) and Nathalie Jas (Unité Inra Ritme)

VSN-RAP: “The social life of the neurosciences”: The role of patient associations

Contract: ANR 2009-2012

Coordinator: Brigitte Chamak (Cermes3)